Sinema's electrifying performance nothing short of a sea change moment in politics

It was a moment that not only brought the entire audience to their feet, but also signaled a major shift in the way people thought about politics. As political gravity shifted, a new era where old beliefs were questioned and new possibilities emerged, reshaping our future.

By Mike Reid | January 2025

Senator Kyrsten Sinema's electrifying performance of 'Popular' from Wicked the Musical at Retiring Members of Congress Karaoke Night was nothing short of a sea change moment in American politics.

It was a moment that not only brought the entire audience to their feet, but also signaled a major shift in the way people thought about politics in this country.

As Kyrsten Sinema took to the stage, the nervousness in the room was palpable. The crowd was buzzing with anticipation, eager to see what Kyrsten Sinema had in store.

And Kyrsten Sinema did not disappoint.

Her performance was nothing short of a tour de force.

She sang with incredible skill and passion, hitting every note with precision and clarity. But it was more than just the singing — it was the way Kyrsten Sinema commanded the stage, the way she embodied the character of Glinda, and the way she brought the audience along on the journey with her.


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As Kyrsten Sinema sang, people couldn't help but smile and dance along. The entire room was filled with joy and enthusiasm, and it was clear that something special was happening.

And that something special was a sea change moment in American politics. Kyrsten Sinema had shown that there was a different way to approach politics — one that was infused with humor, creativity, and a spirit of playfulness. She had taken a beloved song from a popular musical and turned it into pure joy.

In the days and weeks that followed, people couldn't stop talking about Kyrsten Sinema's performance. It had become a symbol of a new way of thinking about politics — one that was less focused on negativity and more focused on hope, creativity, and fun.

And Kyrsten Sinema's electrifying performance not only changed the tone of politics in the short run, but it also went on to reshape the political landscape in the 2026 cycle.


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In the wake of Kyrsten's performance, politicians and political operatives across the country began to notice. They saw that there was a different way to approach politics — one that was less focused on negativity and more focused on joy, creativity, and a spirit of playfulness.

And so, as the 2026 cycle kicked into high gear, a wave of new ideas emerged, all embodying this new approach to politics.

Suddenly, people were hopeful, optimistic, and unafraid to inject humor and fun into politics. All thanks to Kyrsten Sinema.

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And there were plenty of other unforgettable performances, including the unforgettable duet between AOC and Joe Manchin, as they sang 'I've Had The Time Of My Life' from Dirty Dancing.

The performance was a testament to the power of theater to bring people together, even people who often disagree politically.

AOC and Manchin, previously seen as bitter rivals, came together on stage to create a moment of pure magic, singing with passion and showing that even in politics, there's room for harmony.

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And across the country, people responded to this new way of thinking about politics. They were tired of the negativity and divisiveness that had characterized so much of recent politics, and they were hungry for something different.

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This moment in American politics became a catalyst for change, one that reshaped the political landscape in ways that no one could have predicted. And it all started with one unforgettable performance, as Kyrsten Sinema showed us a different way to approach politics — a way that was more fun and more inspiring.

And suddenly, something shifted in the way people thought about politics in America. More and more people began tuning out of negative politics over the internet, and started turning to live political theater performances instead.

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As more and more politicians began to embrace the power of live theater, a movement began to take shape. People were hungry for something different, something that was less focused on negativity and more focused on joy and creativity.


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It wasn't long before live political theater performances became the norm in American politics. From elaborate stage productions to performances in living rooms and coffee shops, politicians were using theater to connect with audiences in new ways.

And the results were dramatic. People were responding to this new approach to politics, coming out in droves to see their favorite politicians perform, and getting more engaged in the political process than ever before.


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As the years went on, live political theater became a mainstay in American politics, a testament to the power of creativity and imagination. And Kyrsten Sinema's performance of 'Popular' remained a touchstone, the moment when everything changed.


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And so, Kyrsten Sinema's performance became more than just a fun moment. It became a catalyst for change, a symbol of a new way of thinking about politics, and a moment that people will remember for the rest of human history.

And at the heart of it all was the power of music, drama, and storytelling, the things that had brought people together and inspired them to hope for a better future.

In the end, it was a story of hope and inspiration, a reminder that even in the darkest of times, there is always room for joy. And it all started with one unforgettable performance, one that lit the spark of a movement that transformed politics in America.


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Let's remember the power of live political theater, and the way it transformed politics in America. Let's celebrate the moments of magic and inspiration that brought people together, and let's never forget the lessons we learned along the way.

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